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Therefore, identifying a suitable, LHE cadmium replacement is of great interest. SIFCO ASC developed Zinc-Nickel LHE and Tin-Zinc LHE brush plating solutions to meet this challenge. A range of coatings are also available to enhance the other areas of the aircraft, including nickel, nickel-tungsten, cobalt chromium carbide and silver.

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Research and testing has shown that zinc alloys in particular are excellent alternatives to cadmium for plating. All zinc alloys are relatively corrosion resistant and can handle up to 370 inch-lbs of torque, making them relatively wear-resistant. Further qualities, including plating methods, depend on the specific zinc alloy.

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Cadmium Plating Alternative Safer Alternative to Cadmium Plating. Extensive testing since 1995 by USAF, NAVAIR, ARL and others has clearly shown that the best replacement for cadmium plating is electrodeposited Al plating using the commercially available AlumiPlate® process. Electrodeposited Al greatly exceeds the performance of Cd plate in:

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We have developed several Cadmium plating replacement options, each meeting the necessary qualities traditionally associated with Cadmium plating, specifically high corrosion resistance, lubricity, and anti-galling properties. This is a mechanically applied Zinc/Tin alloy with high corrosion-resistant topcoats.


The universal replacement of cadmium coatings has not been found yet. Electrolytic coatings (Zn, Zn-Ni, Sn-Zn, Zn-Co), vacuum coatings of aluminum and a chemical nickel coating are most often used as a replacement for cadmium coatings on steels. Table 1. Effect of cadmium on human health [8].

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586 755 4900. Home > Zinc Nickel Plating (Alkaline & Acid) Zinc-Nickel (Zi-Ni) is the go-to, auto-industry solution for corrosion resistance. It was recently approved by Boeing as a cadmium replacement. Its performance can be formulated to meet a range of corrosion-resistant specifications. Overcome Part Corrosion Challenges.

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Two alternative cadmium plating baths - one based on sulfuric acid and the other a neutral-pH formulation - offer a less toxic alternative to traditional cyanide baths. Acid cadmium plating baths are currently in large-scale industrial use. The electrolyte is composed of 3 to 5% sulfuric acid and 3 to 6 oz/gal of cadmium.


Zinc-Nickel Plating As a proven cadmium plating replacement, zinc-nickel plating (ZnNi) offers excellent sacial corrosion protection for steel and very good protection against white rust formation. The coating's high hardness combined with low hydrogen embrittlement makes it a viable replacement solution. Contact Our Experts +1 317 240 2500

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Situated in what could arguably be one of the most picturesque settings for a high-tech plating shop, Sheffield Platers is in pursuit of what some may call the Holy Grail of connector plating: coming up with a suitable replacement for cadmium coatings on electrical connectors used by many U.S. military organizations.

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This would be cadmium plating? I had the nuts and bolts cad plated silver and the brake discs gold cad plated like many aircraft components. This was in the late 1980's when I did a chassis rebuild and frame color change to a bluish silver. I painted the body a blend of Porsche Tangerine/Blood-orange and Guards Red.

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Enviro – Cadmium Replacement – ES3 Zinc Nickel as an Environmentally Preferred Alternative to Cad Plating Low Hydrogen Embrittlement (LHE) Cadmium (Cd) Plating per MIL-STD-870 is currently used as a sacial protective coating on high strength steel (HSS) aircraft landing gear components to prevent corrosion.

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Cadmium plating is an attractive, soft coating that can be deposited on various base materials, up to and including steels, copper and different types of iron. Moreover, it is one of the few deposits that is sacial, excelling in corrosion protection. With natural lubricity, Cad plating also provides anti-galling and low friction properties.

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chrome plating • Alternative to coatings removal processes to reduce Cr6+ containing waste streams Tier 1 Initiatives (Cd) • Alternative to cadmium brush plating (14.97 pounds CY 2015) • Alternative to cadmium plating (5,858 gallons of dedicated infrastructure) CY 2015 baseline

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of adopting zinc-nickel as an alternative to cadmium, aside from its performance benefits, is the fact that it is a drop-in replacement process. The technology already used for cadmium plating need not change in order to switch over to zinc-nickel plating. With many other suggested cadmium alternatives, it is ...

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Cadmium Plating Knowledge Hub. Cadmium was commonly used in the marine, aerospace and automotive industries due to its versatility, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. However, once the environmental and health risks associated with cadmium plating were discovered, governments put legislation and regulations in place.

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@article{osti_102020, title = {Cadmium plating replacements}, author = {Nelson, M J and Groshart, E C}, abstractNote = {The Boeing Company has been searching for replacements to cadmium plate. Two alloy plating systems seem close to meeting the needs of a cadmium replacement. The two alloys, zinc-nickel and tin-zinc are from alloy plating baths; …

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Fastener Industry: used for improved corrosion protection and a cadmium replacement Aerospace Industry: used to minimize galvanic corrosion when mating stainless steel and aluminum Defense Industry: used as a cadmium replacement. Chem Processing Inc. offers zinc-nickel plating services to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Midwest and beyond. CPI ...

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Many companies have been seeking alternatives to cadmium (like zinc nickel alloy plating) for some time. In fact, zinc alloys are replacing cadmium in many industries today and here are some reasons why. Cadmium is Discovered In the early 1800s, cadmium was first discovered by a scientist in Germany named Friedrich Stromeyer.

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1998. A. We have been in the Barrel Zinc and Cadmium plating business for 33 years. We have found Tin-Zinc to be a great replacement for Cadmium. We have achieved way over 1000 hours red rust salt spray resistance. The finish has of course great solderability and conductivity.

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RoHS & REACH Compliant Plating. AlumiPlate's high purity electrodeposited aluminum coating has no identified ESOH issues relative to RoHS and REACH compliance.. While other materials that have been considered in replacement of Cadmium (Cd) such as zinc/nickel (ZnNi) are now coming under regulatory pressure in Europe and the US, our environmentally friendly …

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AP-93 is intermateable with Cadmium, making it the perfect drop-in replacement for applications where Cadmium has been the preferred option. AP-93 is an excellent choice for harsh applications related to sea, air, weapons systems, and space systems, as it provides superior barrier protection and excellent lubricity for threaded applications.


As a proven cadmium plating replacement, zinc-nickel plating (ZnNi) offers excellent sacial corrosion protection for steel and very good protection against white rust formation. The coating's high hardness combined with low hydrogen embrittlement makes it a viable replacement solution.

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Zinc-Nickel Plating. As a proven cadmium plating replacement, zinc-nickel plating (ZnNi) offers excellent sacial corrosion protection for steel and very good protection against white rust formation. The coating's high hardness combined with low hydrogen embrittlement makes it a viable replacement solution.

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IVD-Al is a pure aluminum coating developed by McDonnell Douglas for the aerospace industry. A replacement for the toxic and environmentally unfriendly, cadmium coatings, the process vaporizes pure aluminum wire in a vacuum chamber and deposits a thin film of aluminium coating on steel, aluminum or heavy plastics.

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• Cadmium (Cd) plating is used on mating steel surfaces on Department of Defense (DoD) Weapon Systems – Federal regulations on Cd use have increased to protect human health and the environment ... replacement – Meet SAE-AMS-QQ-P-416, Type I Class 2 Cd Specification

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As a cadmium replacement, zinc nickel provides many of the other same benefits. As well as providing excellent corrosion protection, even higher than cadmium in many cases (>1000 hours salt spray resistance in Poeton laboratory tests), zinc nickel also offers the same excellent coverage and thicknesses in comparable ranges (10-20µm).

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The finish offers a good base for painting or other coatings, and it was originally developed as a replacement for cadmium plating. Saporito Finishing not only provides superior quality Zinc Nickel plating, but we are home to the largest Zinc Nickel Plating line in the entire world.

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Cadmium Plating Alternatives Current Usage ESOH Issues Cd is a heavy metal cumulative poison and a probable (Class B1) carcinogen. Cd plating chemistry involves the use of several toxins. Cd is deposited from a cyanide bath and post-treated with chromate sealant. Cd, chromate, and cyanides are all heavily regulated because of their toxicity.

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Unitt d States Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Substances Washington DC 20460 ePA-560/2-79-003 March 1979 Toxic Substances Proceedings of the Workshop On Alternatives For Cadmium Electroplating In Metal Finishing October 4-6, 1977 Sponsored by: Consumer Product Safety Commission U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. Department of Defense U.S. …

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Because of the properties of cadmium no single cost effective alternative has been found for every application as a replacement. Using cadmium in many applications can be justified by comparing the effects on the environment with cadmium substitutes. Typical thicknesses for cadmium plating are 0.0002″ to 0.0005″.

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This Zn-Ni alloy plating process is designed to provide an environmentally preferred replacement for cadmium in certain applications. Description: BAC 5637 establishes the requirements for the electro-deposition of zinc-nickel alloy plating which is considered a replacement for cadmium with certain restrictions such as threaded parts, steels ...

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cadmium refining, pigment and stabilizer manufacturing, lead smelting, and plating. The SECAL is set at 50 µg/m3 for the following industries and processes: Nickel cadmium battery industry Plate making, plate preparation process Zinc/cadmium refining Cadmium refining, casting melting, oxide production, sinter plant Pigment manufacturing